What We Do

SpeechbubblesAt Greenpebble, our aim is to add value to you, your business and your stakeholders. We offer a flexible and responsive service to suit your business improvement needs.

Our approach:

1. Take the time to understand your business, your needs and expected outcomes
2. Plan and programme improvement activities that align with your strategies and goals
3. Establish clear priorities and the best methods to achieve them
4. Implement and deliver a practical and engaging service that challenges fixed ideas, delights your stakeholders and your desired outcomes
5. Win over the hearts and minds of your people so they want to continuously self-improve and all experience the benefits.

 We can provide:

• Facilitation services for in-house change programmes
Training for business performance improvement
Support services to up-skill management and build teams
Coaching for exceptional customer service and an exceptional customer experience.

Contact us

“here to help ∼ to provide focus ∼ an unbiased neutral party ∼ an implementer ∼ soft skills that complement your technical skills ∼ a fresh set of eyes ~ an extra pair of handsfresh ideas and new ways of thinking ∼ best practice experience from world class companies ∼ someone to provide candid, honest feedback ∼ visible improvements”