High Performing Team Development

HPT title pic“People are your most valuable asset”. 

In the frantic world that we operate in, it is essential to keep your people and teams inspired, engaged and passionate about the brand they work for and the contribution they provide.
The workplace is changing, the ‘human’ factor is top of the agenda for 21st century business.

Below are just some of the services Greenpebble provide, tailored to suit your specific needs and desired outcomes.
 1. Project Start-up / Collaboration Workshops
New project, new team, new stakeholders, new risksProject start up
  • Kick start your project with a facilitated interactive workshop with all key stakeholders in attendance
  • Exchange expectations and form relationships quickly in an open, honest and engaging environment
  • Achieve alignment, understanding and clear communication from the outset; save time, effort and misunderstanding.

2. Team Building
Need fun, action, activities, challenges, competition, recognition, reward

You Us Me• Get the buzz going or reinvigorate an existing team – get to really know each other
Challenges to test skill, communication, teamwork and support
Take time out, step back, re-evaluate, refresh and re-form.

3. Cultural Change Programme
Integrate your ‘vision ~ mission statement ~ values’ into key performance indicators for your business
  • Clarify the attitude, ethos and behaviours that will define your business
  • Develop a culture with common goals that drive improvement
  • Recognition and Reward for improved Return on Investment.

4. ‘Build it in a Day’ Workshop
Key Stakeholders, Supply Chain and Decision makers working together in a high level integration exercise to incorporate critical success factors into achievable aligned outcomesBuild it in a day

Sequencing, interfaces, resources, health, safety, environment, cost, quality, time, value engineering, critical path, risk reduction, plan a and b, logistics
Achieve full buy in, understanding and involvement before starting your projects as opposed to trying to do it when under way…and under pressure
Utilise LEAN tools and techniques to achieve the best possible outcomes.

5. Business Joint Venture (JV), Alliance, Partnering ‘Cultural’ Formation
Set up your new business venture, cultural and performance identity

  • One vision, one set of values, one set of KPIs and one behavioural philosophy
  • Integrate all stakeholder ‘parent company’ key drivers
  • Give the people and parties in your newly formed venture clear, simple, tangible and aligned goals to aspire to and to achieve
  • Build a team identity, recognition and a sense of belonging (Maslow).

6. Business Strategy Planning
e will make a holistic and encompassing review of the influencing factors and the environment around you, that affect where your business is going and what you’re doing, to keep you at the top of your field.
Ignore them at your peril…

…Political • Environmental • Social • Technological • Legal • Economical • Demographical • Mobile • Local • Emotional • Sustainable • Customers • Communities • Supply Chain • Stakeholders.