Customer Experience Management

“Your customers may not remember exactly what you said or did…but…they will always remember how you made them feel!” 

Q: Would your customers recommend you?
A: Greenpebble can help you to find out…and increase promoters of your business!  

These days it’s about the Physical and Emotional Experience that your Customers have with you that determines the success of your business. Discover what ‘CXM’ is and why it is so critical to everyone and everything you do?

1. Customer Journey Mapping
Touch-point and Moment of Truth mapping – Identify those (little and big) things that make all the difference to your customers.journey mapping2

• Map the journey your customer has with your business
• Identify the moments that really matter; highlight the wows and the woes
• Make your business offering a journey to remember and differentiate yourself from your competition.

2. Voice of the Customer
What are your customers saying about you?

Voice of the customer• Deploy simple and effective methodology to capture customer feedback
• Listen, analyse, learn, feed-forward
• Act and Improve
• Close the loop and feedback to your customer


3. Customer Experience (CX) / Customer Service (CS) Training
“The way you treat your staff is the way they will treat their customers” – Richard Branson.

• Incorporate all the elements of CXM in an interactive and engaging workshop
• Bespoke training to help your employees understand and appreciate the experience from their customers’ point of view
• Capture real time feedback and ideas that will help to further engage your employees and enhance service levels.CXoracle





4. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Who are the Detractors, Neutrals and Promoters of your brand?

  • The ultimate question; “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a colleague or friend?”
  • Identify what drives your customers ‘loyalty’
  • Design your Customer Experience to meet  your customers’ needs
  • Simple metrics = NPS%
  • Benchmark yourself against similar companies / industries
  • Align improved NPS scores to improved financial outcomes

5. Good Profit Vs. Bad Profit
“Good profits are earned with your customer’s enthusiastic cooperation, bad profits are earned at the expense of your customers” – Fred Reichheld.

  • Explore why ‘good profits’ are essential for a successful, sustainable company
  • Exceptional customer service and exceptional profits go hand-in-hand
  • Implement the Service Value Chain model to improve your business outcomes

6. Customer Experience ‘Mystery Shopper’ Service
The experience your customers have determines the success of your business.Mystery Shopper  

• A ‘warts n all’ review of what your business customer experience is truly like!
• Full immersion analysis into your business or a fresh set of eyes review
• Observations, touch points, moments of truth, report and recommendations
• Training, awareness, mentoring and support to embed “what does best look like!”